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WI Supervised Driving Log

MV3001 Form

Helpful Links

Practice WI Permit (Temps) Test

This site offers several links to practice the WI Permit Test.

Driving Under the Influence - The Consequences

Excellent source of information that will help someone get an idea of the incredible cost - all aspects of it - that someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can incur. This article has much to offer, and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Pulled Over
  3. Price of a DUI
  4. Underage Drivers
  5. Drugged Driving
  6. DUI Programs
  7. Stigma of a DUI
  8. Striving to Help Others


Know what is happening around your vehicle. Know where to look.

This document discusses proper scanning and perception of surroundings for safer driving.


Distracted driving has become the leading cause of collisions among all age groups and has surpassed drunk driving as the leading cause of vehicular fatatlities.

Website dedicated to promoting distraction free driving. Includes video clips, statistics, links to articles, and more.

Has special sections for students, parents, educators, and community groups.

Practice Knowledge Test Mobile App

GDL Requirements

DMV site outling the GDL requirements and penalties.

Risk Management

Driving is primarily a thinking task. This document defines the necessary thought processes required for systematic decision making processes to improve driver safety.

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program

A helpful resource manual provided by WI DMV for parents. It provides insights, tips, and an outline of various driving skills and lessons to provide the teen during the 30 hours of supervised driving.

A parent-teen driving contract is provided at the end. 

Know the Law - Cell Phone Usage

Road Test Study Guide

DMV resource outlining the requirements for passing the road-skills test.

Schedule a Road Test

Teen Driver Portal

WI Motorist Handbook

Manual containing all the content information necessary for passing the signs, and knowledge test.


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