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Webster High School Driver Education FAQs


When is my teen eligible to take the classroom portion of driver education?

Students may take the classroom portion of driver education at 14 years 6 months of age.

As classroom sessions are offered only once per year during the month of June, a student who is only 14 but turning 15 prior to December 1st of that year may take the class. 


When are classroom sessions offered?

Classroom sessions are offered only once per year.

Two sessions, 7:30 - 9:45 and 9:45 - 12:00, are scheduled Monday through Friday for the first three weeks following the completion of a school year in June. 

By law, thirty hours of instruction are required and only thirty hours are scheduled, so please plan accordingly for summer jobs and vacations.

What if I cannot attend every class?

Please plan vacations and work schedules carefully to accomodate these lessons. If you know you will miss more than one class, please consider another year for registration.

The State requires 30 hours of instruction, and only 30 hours are scheduled.

Alternatives do exist, such as private driving school classes or online classes, but they will increase the cost of your driver education program.


What if I am late for a class, or need to leave early?

Carefull planning is needed as it is necessary to adhere to the State guidelines for required hours. The only flexibility we can offer is the ability to trade one session time for the other.

Are any supplies needed for class?

Yes. Each student needs to bring a notebook, folder, pen or pencil, and a great attitude.

Textbooks will be assigned to each student for the duration of the classroom sessions, and Chromebooks will be provided for use during class only.

Is transportation provided?


Transportation for week one is not provided and is the responsibility of the student's parent/legal guardian.

Summer school busing, available during weeks two and three, may be used, however, will only fully accomodate the 9:45 - 12:00 session. It may also be used for the return trip of students attending the 7:30 - 9:45 session.


How much is the classroom portion of the driver education program?

There is no fee for the classroom portion of Webster's Driver Education program.

Behind the Wheel

When is my teen eligible for driving lessons?

A student must be at least 15 years six months of age and have passed the vision screening and the knowledge and roadway signs tests at the DMV.

A student must also have completed or be enrolled in an approved behind-the-wheel driver ed course which begins within 60 days of the date your driver ed instructor certifies your application. Note: If you have not completed the classroom portion of driver education, you must be within 60 days of starting behind-the-wheel.

What do I need to bring to the DMV in order to obtain my instructional permit?

If you are under 18, you must bring:

* A certified copy of your Birth Certificate or a valid US Passport, 

* Your Social Security Card (Number only if not interested in the REAL ID requirements,)

* An MV3001 application form signed by a licensed driver education instructor, 

* Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian willing to certify their sponsorship on your application, or have their notorized signature on the MV3001 application form.

What is the MV3001 form and how do I get it?

The MV3001 form is an application for a driver licence (permit too) and is signed by the school providing driving instruction to your teen. 

This form may be picked up from Mrs. Eythcheson at the high school office and needs to go to the DMV with your teen along with a certified copy of the Birth Certificate and Social Security card to recieve a valid WI Instruction Permit.

When should I schedule my first behind-the-wheel lesson?

The first lesson is very basic and will provide the essentials for starting correctly and developing good habits. I like to see the first lesson accomplished within the first couple of weeks, if possible.

By law, it MUST be accomplished within 60 days of the date your driver ed instructor certifies your application.


How many behind-the-wheel lessons are required?

WI requires that a student have 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction from a licensed instructor as well as six hours of observation (activity done in the back seat while the other student drives.)

Each behind-the-wheel session is scheduled in a two hour block. This accomodates one hour of driving and one hour of observation. A student will, therefore, need a total of six lessons.

Are the behind-the-wheel lessons the only driving requirement while I have my permit?


According to WI law, a student must have 30 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which must be nighttime hours. 

driving log documenting driving hours and conditions and signed by the parent or guardian, must be submitted to Mrs. Weber before a Course Completion will be issued.

As an encouragement to parents, please consider significantly increasing this requirement. Studies have shown that new drivers are not bad because they don't know what's required of them (the laws), but rather due to simple inexperience. Most collisions occur within the first year of having a license. So consider the positive effect of allowing more driving hours (experience) while there is an experienced driver (you) sitting next to them.  

Do I need to have my permit with me during my lesson?


The student's permit and cell phone will be collected and placed in a pocket placed near the dashboard for the duration of the lesson.

What if I cannot make my driving lesson?

As the driving sessions are scheduled with a partner and in two hour blocks, a "no show" is very inconvenient and inconsiderate of other's time. 

Scheduling the lessons is done online. Please take care to make sure your schedule is clear before you sign up for a session. Reminders will be emailed prior to each lesson giving plenty of time to cancel if needed. 

A $10 fee will be assessed for failing to cancel 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment.

May I have extra driving hours if I need them?

Yes.  While the program fee includes 6 hours of driving instruction, some students may benefit from extra lesson time and may purchased individualized lessons for $30. 

Please talk to Mrs. Weber if you feel this is desirable. 

If I've completed both the classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons, may I get my probationary license?

Requirements for obtaining a probationary license include the following:

* Must be 16 years of age or older.

* If under 18,

        * must have held their instructional permit for 6 months.

        * must have successfully completed 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, 6 hours of observation, and 30 hours of supervised driving recorded on a driving log and turned in to Mrs. Weber.


What do I need to bring to the DMV to take my skills test and obtain my probationary license?

If the requirements of the permit have been satisfied, a course completion will be filled out and processed online by Mrs. Weber through the WI DMV website. They will have access to this on their computers, so a hard copy will not be necessary to bring with you. You must also have your permit, a copy of your vehicle's insurance, and a properly working vehicle.

While at the DMV, you will need to fill out the MV3001 form again although my signature is not required this time. A sponsors presence, or notorized signature, is again necessary. 

May I use the school car for my driving test?

Students will need to drive their own vehicle for the skills test.

How much is the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the driver education program?

Webster Schools offers the Behind-the-Wheel program for $100.00.

Additional fees may apply for missed appointments or for extra driving hours.


We are proud to provide quality driver education for all students at an affordable price.

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